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Nearing my arizona days……

Im sad… im really fucking sad. Im gonna miss my friends. Im gonna miss my sick ass best roommates EVER. All the dogs and the cats…. my kitty :( I have to leave her cause I know its the best thing for her. Im doing this for many reasons but my main one is for my grandmother. I know she needs me and as much as she tells me to stay I know she wants me there. Bright side is I get to see my Cali family and the beach and my best friend who also misses me so much. I miss her too. Other reasons is cuz I know 200 a month doesnt really cut it and I feel like im a burden… besides its my friends first house HOW AWESOME and she has a wife so they should live their life in private and free of people roaming their house. I mean I would want that ya know. I am honored to have met such badass people these 4 years. I got a new chapter ahead of me and im trying to wrap my head around staying in a spider infested house. Alot of things I have to work on these next few months. Anyways I havnt written in awhile. This has been on my mind alot. It is what it is and God has a plan for me so hopefully im on the right path

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